15% of Each Watch Sale Goes To Al Jalila Foundation Dubai

A Global Healthcare Philanthropic organisation founded by HH Shiekh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of U.A.E and Ruler of Dubai, in April 2013, Al Jalila Foundation has so far given 60 Scholarships to outstanding students, over 100 Research Grants for Breakthroughs in Critical Illness and cured 1937 Patients suffering from critical diseases. Al Jalila Foundation is one of the 33 member entities under the Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum Global Initiatives which comprises of four sectors that are essential for improving human life: combating poverty and disease, spreading knowledge, empowering communities and entrepreneurship and innovation for the future.
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Jalila Foundation- For Humanity

We Support the Ta’alouf Program

Ta’alouf means ‘harmony’ in Arabic and Al Jalila foundation brings this spirit to life by working in unison with strategic partners, parents, educators and the wider community to empower children of determination. Instead of being weighed down by their disorders, these children can rise above their disabilities and discover hidden abilities. Ta’alouf is in harmony with their aim to bolster the UAE’s medical treatment, education and research capabilities.

Al Jalila Foundation Receives 15% of Each Watch Sale From For Humanity

The Best thing we can give someone is our time. For Humanity, one of the best dealers of luxury automatic watches in Dubai believes in giving this time in terms of quality donations to the Al Jalila Foundation through 15% of each Watch sale.

At a glance, you can see the time on an automatic mechanical watch by For Humanity, but there is a lot more that you are helping to achieve. We are passionate about giving and lifting others through the traditional craft of watchmaking, a legacy, and exemplary craftsmanship, and by helping those serving others to live just like Al Jalila Foundation does.

We keep our automatic watches ticking as long as we keep moving toward the mission, utilizing energy from the movement of our daily lives. As a result, each watch continues to run for 36 hours after you set it down, fostering interaction, attention, and appreciation between the wearer and the watch and our contribution.

Designed for For Humanity, watches remind us that time is ticking and that the time is now. As a result, one’s daily actions should be subconsciously triggered in ways that promote Humanity’s greater good. In doing so, the watch wearer can make better decisions in their daily lives and leave the world in a better state for future generations.

Through our partnership with Al Jalila Foundation, watch sales benefit the “Ta’alouf” program by 15%. Educators and parents of people of determination receive training through this program. Providing people of determination with the proper instruction and education to have a fair and unbounded time ahead. We have partnered to create a world that stands the test of time through timepieces and found the Jalila Foundation worth contributing to.

Al Jalila Foundation

An Investment that Returns in Times

Luxury watches in Dubai from For Humanity are significant investments and enjoyable experiences. Our watches are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and are meant to contribute to the greater purpose held by the Jalila Foundation.

Just like these watches are entirely mechanical, every part works together to ensure that the watch functions appropriately and tells the time as well as it can. We at For Humanity believe that society must live this way; by helping one another, we can achieve success collectively.

For Humanity supports Jalila Foundations’ Ta’alouf Program as part of its commitment to collaborating with stakeholders, families, school staff, and the broader community to empower children and prepare them for a successful future.

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