About For Humanity

A Time-Piece with a Conscious

For Humanity watches are crafted with the sole purpose of acting as a reminder that the time for Humanity is NOW and that the time is ticking. It is supposed to subconsciously trigger actions in one’s daily life that works toward the greater good of Humanity. This subconscious trigger equips the wearer to act consciously in their daily life and make decisions that ensure we make the world a better place than it is and leave it as a better place for future generations.

Giving back to humanity!

“We rise by lifting others” – Ashish & Pawan Ishwar, Bespoke Tailors, Knights & Lords

For Humanity is partnered with the Al Jalila foundation whereby 15% of the sale of every watch goes towards the “Ta’alouf” program of Al Jalila, a program that provides training to parents and educators of people of determination. A program that ensures that people of determination flourish with the right teaching and education so that they have a future that is magical and full of endless possibilities and we are part of that magical future world with them.

These watches are completely mechanical where every single part assists the other to make the entire watch function and tell us the time. This is exactly how HUMANITY needs to live, only by assisting one another can we move forward in life!
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